Bluff City Medical Society Memphis TN
Bluff City Medical Society                                                    Memphis TN
Year    President  
2017 Perisco Wofford      M.D.
2016    Lanetta Anderson M.D.
2015 Lanetta Anderson M.D.
2014 Walter Rayford M.D.
2013 Walter Rayford M.D.
2012 Jarvis Reed M.D.
2011 Jarvis Reed M.D.
2010 Gerald Presbury M.D.
2009 Gerald Presbury M.D.
2008 Henry Stamps M.D.
2007 Henry Stamps M.D.
2006 Claudette Shephard M.D.
2005 Claudette Shephard M.D.
2004 Stanley Dowell M.D.
2003 Stanley Dowell M.D.
2002 Grover Barnes M.D.
2001 Grover Barnes M.D.
2000 Neal Beckford M.D.
1999 Neal Beckford M.D.
1998 Albert Morris, Jr M.D.
1997 Albert Morris, Jr M.D.
1996 Robert Smith M.D.
1995 Robert Smith M.D.
1994 Melrose Blackett M.D.
1993 Melrose Blackett M.D.
1992 Ethelyn Williams-Neal M.D.
1991 Ethelyn Williams-Neal M.D.
1990 Loretta Bobo M.D.
1989 Loretta Bobo M.D.
1988 William Faulkner M.D.
1987 William Faulkner M.D.
1986 Jesse McGhee M.D.
1985 Jesse McGhee M.D.
1984 Beverly Williams-Cleaves M.D.
1983 Beverly Williams-Cleaves M.D.
1982 Clara Brawner M.D.
1981 Clara Brawner M.D.

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Bluff City Medical Society

1067 Cresthaven Road

Memphis, TN 38119


Bluff City Medical Society P.O.Box 17924

Memphis, TN 38787


Janice Cooper

Executive Secretary

Phone: 901.761.0200




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Next BCMS event


Monthly Meeting


Nov 8, 2017


Folk's Folly Prime Steakhouse

551 S. Mendenhall 

Memphis TN 38117

Dr. Frank A McGrew

Stern Cardiovascular Foundation

Treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism

Sam Almand

Bristol-Myers Squibb


Time: 6:30pm 



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